Haircut time

I was looking through my personal photo folders and came up a little short. I know I am bad about taking photos of my family but there were like 4 folders in that one for 9 months of life!  Then I realized that I had a separate folder with my iphone images.  Good ole iphone.  So prepare yourself for some amazing camera phone imagery.

This little series must be documented.  The boys have had long hair for about 8 years.  That’s a good majority of their lives.  Tucker has gone semi short in the recent past but Dallon… would never dream of it.  Actually he has but was always to afraid he wouldn’t like it.  A few weeks before school started, Tucker said he wanted to get his hair cut… short.   Super short.  Dallon said no.  But then their friend Gavin said, I want to do it too.  Which prompted Dallon to go for the plunge and go short too.

When we got there and one of our neighbor families happened to be there.  These guys.  They stuck around for the whole thing and it ended up being quite the show at the haircut store.  We made Dallon go first so he didn’t have time to chicken out.  They had a lot of hair.  I actually have tons of video (of course on my iphone).  It was really funny seeing them in the various stages of hair cutting including an awesome Flock of Seagulls look.

They were all pretty happy with the haircuts when all was said and done (at least a few days later they all were).  I don’t know if I will ever see them with long hair again.  That could have been the last of it.  Only time will tell.

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