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More Pinterest fun up ahead.  Blacks and Reds.  Some useful finds.  Some things that remind me I want to do them and they are simple to do.  A little inspiration from my Pinterest boards

First up… how crazy awesome are these?  Why haven’t I bought two yet?

People who know me… I mean really know me, know I have a thing for cats (You might not have to ‘really’ know me to know that)

I also really love bows.  Unfortunately I’m passed the age where one can appropriately wear them (at least not this big). But I do love this tank.

And then there is this fabulous idea of organization.  I could totally do this.  It would save me quite a bit of guess work:P  For all I know, I am using a cup of olive oil instead of two tablespoons.

I do love me some greek appetizers.  Never thought of adding the cucumber.  Great idea for some crunch

This reminds me of my scrapbooking days.  I still can’t believe I pretty much abandoned this whole craft.  It used to consume me.  I still love stitching on photos and cardstock though.  Somethings will never die

I really need to put this together one day for Slater.  I bet my big boys would join in too.  Click on the link and you will see one freakishly darling party idea

I would love to incorporate something like this in my maternity sessions.  I have all the names we considered for each of the boys written down – Joe’s faves and mine (they never matched)

And last, this sweet little baby blanket.  I really hated everything being blue when I had my babies.  It was so hard to find anything but that.

Jim - Thursday | October 20th | 2011

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