whites ~ pinterest favorites

 I love whites, grays and creams.  These are just a few of my favorite finds on my Pinterest boards.  I love creating color coordinated groupings because they are just pretty:)

  Whale Pitcher?  Yes please!I have big plans every christmas to wrap all the gifts I give in beautiful packaging… it’s a pipe dreamWho doesn’t love giant black and white photos on the wall (well, probably lots of people… but WHY?) Farm house chairs and table… love

I have a blanket fetish and if you don’t believe me, check out my whole board on Pinterest dedicated to blankets … 62 pins (many of which I think I am going to make one day)Cutest sock stuffed animals ever created
This would have been gangbusters popular had I done it on a scrapbooking layout for one of the magazines I used to design for… why was this never thought of???Whip cream, ice cream… either way, this looks delishIf I ever photograph non people, this is the kind of imagery I would love to create… hmm, maybe I will start this soon actually.  Another board of mine that shows this type of imagery.Simple, great design, makes me calm and happy just looking at it
This is a really important statement in many many ways!  Maybe a post about this should be in the near future.

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Starting out in Lightroom ~ Uploading your images

I used to have crazy files images all over my computer hard drive.  Jpgs in one place, raw images in another… I had no idea what the rhyme or reason was or where my files were.  Well, I have fixed that through attending a series of workshops, online tutorials, and common sense. I have family and friends who use LR and they want me to teach them my techniques so I thought I would create a tutorial.

This tutorial starts with the simple (or so it seems) process of uploading images from your camera’s storage card to the computer, and then to LR.  I am not a technical person by nature (compared to true technical people anyway) nor have I made a tutorial before.  I hope this is helpful to those of you looking to get a little more organized with your files on your computer.   I would love feedback.

Before we begin, ignore my desktop. Lots of people use my computer:P  And ignore the tons of folders in LR you will see.  I am organized but not that organized.  The reason I need “image” control… I’m far from OCD and I definitely need to clean out 2012.  Let’s begin!

Step 1:  So you have your card (compact flash, SD card, etc) and it’s full of images.  You plug your card reader into your computer and LR pops open for you to import them.  STOP right there.  Close that window.  Close LR.  Go to where you have your pictures in general.  Most people have them in My Pictures or Pictures.  I have a folder in this folder for every year of images I load (personal and work).  So for example, I have 2013 as a folder in My Pictures.  Go into the 2013 folder and create a folder that is labeled like this:  2013-01-24 Table and Chairs (as an example).


This is the where the folder in MY PICTURES is

tutorial for organizing LR

Step 2:  Go to My Computer (or the equivalent for Mac) and find your card reader that has your files and open the folders until you see all the individual photo files. 

LR organizing

Then open a new window with My Pictures and open your folder you created (2013-01-24 Table and Chairs)…. should be empty.

Here are my two screens open:  My computer and My pictures

lightroom file organizing

Go to the photos in My Computer and select them all.  Drag all of those files into the folder you made.  It will take some time to get them transferred.

Selecting all the images on the card and dragging them to your new folder in my pictures.

LR organizing

Step 3.  Once they are transferred to the new folder 2013-01-24 Table and Chairs, open LR.  Go to File<Import Photos or click on Import at the bottom left of your screen.  A new window will pop up.  This is the import window.  On the left side it says “Source” and below that it says “Files” and then Local Disk “C”.  Click through the levels of files until you find the folder you made a bit earlier.  Mine was 2013-01-24 Table and Chairs.  Once you have it found and selected, go to the top middle of this pop up import window you will see:  Copy as DNG, Copy, Move, Add… ADD should be selected.  On the right, you will see a box for Keywords.  You can choose to use this or not.  I might add table and chairs, blog, house… you want to use keywords that you write down that you use over and over.  Later, if you are on a search for images labeled “home”, you can find them easier.  This is also a a good time to uncheck any photos you know you don’t want. Then at the bottom right, click IMPORT.

Go through the C:drive looking for your images.  My series is User, Alison, Pictures, 2013, 2013-01-24 Table and Chairs

Lightroom photo import

That highlighted folder below that says La Jolla… should say Table and Chairs.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully not too confusing.

Step 4.  Once everything is imported, you are ready to go through your images and select your favorites and get rid of the ones you don’t want.  That is a different tutorial in itself.  We do need to talk about what to do with all your favorites when you want them with all of your fixes and edits.  Select all the images you want to export.  Click File<Export.  A pop up will come up and we will start with “Export to:” and choose “Selected Folder”.  Below that, you will see a place to “choose” a folder.  Click on “choose” and find your folder (again, 2013-01-24 Table and Chairs).  Check mark right below that “Put in Subfolder”.  Here is where you need to create a new folder name for these edited images.  I shoot in Raw and export Jpgs.  So my file name for this folder is:  J2013-01-24 Table and Chairs… the “J” tells me it’s where my jpgs are.

Now you are set to flag, edit, play with your photos

LR import

EXPORTING:  Click export and “Choose” folder to export to… choose the folder you created in step 1
LR exporting to my pictures

Click the check mark next to create subfolder and type in a file name that makes sense to you
exporting to LR

If you follow this last step, your original image files that you imported will be in the same location as your exported final edited images.  If you ever need the original or a similar photo to do a little head swapping or new edit, you know where to find it.  It just makes more sense to have all your files in the same folder and not in three different places where you actually have no clue anyway about where they are or the file names.  This isn’t the end of this organization.  I will do a tutorial later on the end organization as well as the middle.

Now you can see your original files and your exported folder that holds the edited files you want to keep

Lightroom tutorial

And last, LR is just a direction finder (and an editor).  But a common misunderstanding is that the images are stored in LR.  All LR does is say where the files are.  If you have come across a file in LR with a ? in front of it, it’s because you have moved the folder or file and LR doesn’t know where.  If you click on the file in question, a prompt comes up that says “locate missing files?”.  Click on it and then browse through your computer relocate it.  Once you find it and click on it, LR now knows where it is.  Like I said, it’s just a catalog.  When you are new to LR, this is sometimes hard to wrap your head around.

And one last note which might not make sense.  But when you are moving or renaming folders or photos, do it all in LR.  Don’t do this in Pictures.   LR has a path that it has created to the images and folders, messing with it outside of LR will give you lots of question marks in LR that is just a pain to deal with.

Next time:  how to go through and flag, number and color code your images (someday;)

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Free Valentines Digital Kit

I have a semi new venture going and have a store on Etsy with my own site in the works.  I have quite a few templates available that are mostly for photographers but also for digital scrapbookers and crafters.  I will have a full announcement in a month or so.  For now, I wanted to put up a free Valentines Kit that you can download for free.  I would love it if you shared my facebook fan page with your friends and “liked” it too.  You can also check out my Etsy Shop, A Happy Photo, here.  






digital scrapbooking free download

Jamie Chamberlain - Saturday | February 16th | 2013

Thank You!

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Poppy Seed Salad Dressing Recipe

This recipe is a very popular one when I make it.  I usually make it for salads that I am bringing to a potluck and requests for the recipe follow every time.  I can’t take any credit for this recipe though.  My friend Tracy Walton or possibly her mom is the creator of this one.  But with her permission, I am posting it because everyone should get to experience good homemade salad dressings.

There is no need for step by steps because you just mix it all together.  I blend it with a hand blender but you can also just shake it up if you can get the honey to blend in that way.

Poppy Seed Dressing by Tracy Walton

1 cup olive oil
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup honey
2-3 T. dijon mustard
1 T. poppy seeds
2-3 T. rice vinegar


I have my favorite salads and my go to salad creations.  This particular one is a regular.
Romaine Lettuce
Red Bell Pepper
Toasted Slivered Almonds
(I usually add apples to it when I use the poppy seed dressing)
And everything is beautiful in Anthropologie bowls.  I collect these:)  And I see I don’t have the one with blue flowers and it isn’t available.  I’ll be looking out for it for sure.
winter salad

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