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Img_6392 Or really my picture of Cami.  I love this picture of her.  But really, I was reading a newsletter from shutterfly and the contest entry was in it and it was easy to do so I thought I would enter.  And this photo was open on my computer:P

So GO VOTE  Because I know my chances are super good with only 3500 entries so far….NOT;)

shannon c - Thursday | February 23rd | 2006

Do you know if you can vote more than once? She is absolutely adorable, and the photography is great too. Good use of natural light.

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We’re so lucky!

Fence_postsm_1 The weather in So Cal this winter has been anything but winter.  We have had Santa Ana’s (warm winds) and only one rainy day.  We made our plans months ago for our neighborhood Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear vacation weekend.  We had us, the Alexander’s, and the Covey’s in our house and in the cabin a mile away, the Kleege’s, the Vickery’s, and the Sherwoods.  Looking at the weather for the weekend, it looked like we might get some rain/snow Sunday night which means it’s too warm for real snow.  I was totally expecting crisp air but definitely no snow. 

We had to take Joe’s sedan because my SUV is just not stable enough.  We packed that trunk full leaving behind the snow boots.  Well, that was a mistake!  We left Thursday night and on Friday I was noticing the trees across the lake had some snow dusting on them.  It was kinda cool.  Everyone went skiing/snowboarding on Friday except Christine and I… we went driving around the mountain looking for a yarn shop.Zanes_jumpsm

That night, the snow started to fall.  I was shocked!  Everyone made it back to Lake Arrowhead from Big Bear even though it took over 2 hours to get back to our cabin.  But everyone had a great time.  Joe said the boys were really getting the hang of snowboarding and going to the top of the mountain.  I was so glad they had so much fun.

6_boyssm On Saturday, there was snow everywhere!  The Covey’s went skiing with the Kleege’s but the rest of the group was wiped out.  They played in the snow the entire day.  Our cabin had a big backyard with a treehouse that they used as a fort.  The side of the house was perfect for sledding.  The steps were covered with snow which made the perfect jump.  I think the kids were inside for about an hour for lunch and that was it.  My guys LOVE the snow.  They thought everyone who lived on the mountain was the luckiest in the world. 

Snowball_fightsmSunday, my guys, the Alexander’s and Kristina and her boys went back up to Big Bear.  Joe wanted the boys to get one more ski day in this year because they were so on the verge of really getting some confidence in their abilities. The weather was clear when they left but it started to snow about an hour later and it snowed and snowed and snowed.  The slopes were very busy and they weren’t able to get tickets for the bunny slopes so a few kids bagged out.  Joe took Tucker, Matthew and Dallon to the less crowded part of the slopes and they had a great time.  Joe said the boys really got the hang of snowboarding and could easily manuever down the mountain with control.  SO COOL.  They were pretty stoked.  I wish I had snowboarding pics but pregnant people don’t do well with skis I guess:P

Group_shotsm Our plan was to leave Monday and we were really hoping the weather was correct and that it would stop snowing and warm up to melt the roads.  And sure enough it did.  How lucky is that? The perfect snow storm and it ends right when we need it too.  The kids played in the snow all morning while we cleaned and packed.  It was such a fun weekend.  The kids were so bummed it was over.  Even though I was kind of stuck in the cabin, I thought it was great too. 

Here’s a link to more photos from OUR TRIP.

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wow… i’m lame

Ok so a month ago… my mom brought me my whole blog printed out and had it bound. It was so cool!  It made me want to write more and have more pictures.  And look! Here I am a month later and I haven’t entered anything.  One reason is that I have been super burned out on the whole photography thing.  I really love photography but I have lost my desire lately.  The thought of bringing my camera anywhere is less than alluring.  Hopefully that will change soon. 

And then it just seems so tedious to pull pictures and make them smaller and write something… But I am so much better about writing stuff here than in a scrapbook.  I think I did commercial scrapbooking too long (since 1999) and I have no idea how to really get my feelings and thoughts out in a scrapbook page after the event has passed long long ago.  But I could easily take this blog and make scrapbook pages out of it.  Which is why I really want to take advantage of this more.

House_smI finally pulled the photos up that are of my front yard which I LOVE.  Remember back in Sept I was talking about it getting done?  Well, I give you the before picture first on the far left… and then a few afters.  This is pretty much what the house looked like when we bought it seven years ago except all the white trim was this horrible blue/turquoise.  Oh and the driveway is new… it used to be crumbling ashphalt.  I just can’t seem to capture it and all its cuteness that well but you get the idea.

House_2_sm And the boys are out there ALL DAY morning and night.  The grass is totally getting shredded and a few plants and sprinkler heads are lost or broken but it is all worth it.  They have so much fun out there.  And the last few days have been warm and it is so nice to sit out on the bench.  I just love it. Boys_sm  It will be nice this spring when all the plants get a little bigger.  And then a new front door… oh I could go on and on to Joe’s dismay;)

As far as baby news goes, we have a few names but it’s so hard to name anothe boy.  We’ll figure it out though.  the baby is moving and sometimes it catches me off guard and I kind of get freaked out and think "there is actually something alive inside me"… it’s very weird.

Last night I was so happy about everything.  The boys are so affectionate lately and we had such a fun Valentines day.  Joe and the boys made cupcakes because I was craving a frosted cupcake.  We all exchanged cards.  Both boys felt the baby move for the second time.  They think it is really weird too and they love it. 

The next time I get my act together, I will post pictures of my newest line that was at Ekstrav in Dec and CHA a few weeks ago.  I love it but I’ve seen it for so long that I am really looking forward to my summer release at CHA Summer in July… wish I could share that now:) 

Dawn - Friday | February 17th | 2006

printed & bound? i need to look into that! =) what a great idea!

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It’s a ….


I have actually known for two weeks but we had a bit of a scare.  But I will start the story from the beginning.  The ultrasound tech told us during the u/s that the baby was a boy.  I was shocked.  I really felt like this one was a girl.  But then looking back now… maybe I was just really talking myself into thinking it was a girl and knowing it was a boy:P  She left the room and Joe asked if I was alright and I totally started crying.  I was so disappointed.  And even more surprised at how disappointed I was. 

You know how little girls envision their weddings and their prince charming all growing up?  Well I didn’t… my fantasies were all about raising daughters and sharing my childhood and teenage journals with them… what boys I thought were cute, etc.  Raising boys never entered my mind.  I don’t even think I thought that was a possiblity.

Anyway, back to the story.  The tech came back in and told me I have a partial placenta previa and the doctor would be in to talk to me about my restrictions.  So the dr. comes in and starts looking and says there is a bright spot on the heart and it is a soft marker for down’s.  Everyone who heard me talk about possibly getting pregnant knows that this was my biggest fear. 

One, because Joe and I have very different beliefs on pro choice/life and I didn’t want to have to broach that subject.  I really don’t know what I would do if it came down to that and I really didn’t want to even think about it.  Two, being over the age of 30 means that you can pretty much die walking around the corner if a car spun out of control.  And what I mean is that death and bad things happening are more of a possiblity than when you are in your 20’s.  I never gave health issues a second thought when I was pregnant with the boys… naive for sure.

I digress…. We needed my blood test scores to make a sound decision on whether or not to have an amnio as there is a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage from having an amnio.  My first blood tests said 1 in 4000.  They had my results faxed over for the second tests and they were 1 in 400.  With this soft marker on the heart, it dropped to 1 in 200.  It was too small of a number for me to go til June not knowing.  We decided to do the amnio and I hope to never have to do that again.

So we have been waiting two weeks for the results.  Chances were good that everything was going to be just fine but there was still a chance that there could be something wrong.  The last two weeks have been really hard.  First, I was on bedrest for two days and I just felt so vulnerable physically.  And then just waiting and a million possibilities running through my head was no help.

The genetic counselor called today and everything is normal.  And it is definitely a boy.  I am so relieved and feel like I can finally invest myself emotionally into having a baby.  We do not have any names so if you can think of any good ones that go with Tucker and Dallon, please feel free to post them in the comments:) 

The boys were very disappointed at first with the boy news but have warmed up.  And I took them to a baby store and they were so cute picking out boy clothes.  They were really excited and it was really fun to see that they were ok with it and looking forward to this baby being born. 

And actually, I am pretty ok with it being a boy too.  I will always have a sadness of not raising a daughter in my lifetime but there are a lot of things I would like to do in my life that I won’t be able to.  It’s not the end of the world.  And I think the hardest thing about having the same sex of children is that it’s hard to imagine someone totally different than the other two.  It seems like this baby will be like Dallon or Tucker… I remember thinking that when I was pregnant with Dallon.  He was surely going to be a Tucker clone.  But he couldn’t be further from Tucker (well, if he had dark brown hair it would be further;).  So I have to remind myself that this baby is going to be totally different too. 

This is definitely going to be a weird thing come this summer.  I have no idea what to expect.  Last week I had a dream that I gave birth to the baby and tons of people were around and he came out smiling and everyone instantly fell in love with him and he was just the sweetest baby in the world.  I hope that is the case:)

shannon c - Wednesday | February 1st | 2006

I’m glad to hear all is well. I am a mother of four boys. My third one was the easiest. He was so sweet as a baby. (He still is, BTW.)
Ethan seems like a nice name:)

melissa - Wednesday | February 1st | 2006

wow, you are half way done!

:) on the amnio. PHEW!

Treacey and I decided if we had another boy we’d name him Weed. Feel free to use it if you like. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wave would be good for you too. Wave Beachem. An homage to your beachy life.


Anne - Thursday | February 2nd | 2006

A boy? Fun! I wanted another boy — boys love their Momma’s so much.

I had a complete placenta previa with this last pregnancy — email me if you need to talk about your previa — enter wink wink.

I have to add that boys clothes have come a long way and are much much cutter than ever.

Kirsten - Friday | February 3rd | 2006

Hey! My boy is 15, and I still think boys are way cool. And I agree with Anne, the clothes these days are getting better and better (finally!!!). When we found out Taylor was going to be a girl I was flaggergasted, so sure it was a boy. I remember saying “but I don’t know how to do girls hair!” Six years later I’m still no pro….and she’s quite the tomboy!

Kirsten - Friday | February 3rd | 2006

ummm… I made up a new word….of course I meant flabbergasted…early here….must. find. coffee…

Melissa Caligiuri - Monday | February 6th | 2006

Oh Alison…I can so relate to this. Sounds like my story with Griff. I wanted a girl so, so much (still do and always will!)but once I received the results from my amnio, I was so relieved to be having a healthy baby I didn’t even shead a tear. Congrats! 3 boys = lots of love & fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you will always be the queen of the house!!


MarilynH - Thursday | March 2nd | 2006

I read this a while ago and was interrupted (kids !! LOL) and never came back! whew!! so glad things are going well!! I knida miss it when I was in a house full of boys. enven the cat was male. ha.

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