so cute

I just got these in the mail today.  I think they are so cute:)  The website is Focoloco

I went to Babies R Us the other day which I don’t think I have ever been into before and they had a TON of baby clothes.  But every single thing had some stupid embroidery on them of baseball bats or dump trucks or whatever other typical boy icon they could possibly think of.  It was sooo annoying.  That’s pretty much why my boys only wore gap stuff when they were little… just plain or striped.  No embroidery of boy things.  I hate that!  I should say I don’t mind it on a few things but must everything have embroidery on it of sportst things??? 

A_pirate Alien

Tasha - Thursday | March 30th | 2006

VERY CUTE!!! LOVIN’ the pirate!! :)
I hate all of the characters and embroidery stuff on baby clothes too. I saw a skull and cross bones onesie the other day. it was freakin awesome!!

Shelley Rankin - Friday | March 31st | 2006

Such a long time since I have visited your blog lady! I am so excited for you and had to read lots to catch up. You sound like you have been on quite the whirlwind with this pregnancy. I am hoping for an uneventful one for the remainder! I will be thinking of you and I am so very excited for you and your family. I can just imagine how excited the boys must be. And those T’s are so cute! Really love them.

Hang in there!!

MarilynH - Wednesday | April 5th | 2006

Hey–I hear ya on the sports thing. Ugh! When we had our first (Bobby) I noticed that. Yuck.

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I really didn’t consider actual pregnancy complications as part of ‘me’ being pregnant.  The boys were so uneventful and this one just seems like there is more to worry about.  Well there is actually:P  So Sunday night, I started bleeding.  Totally freaked us out.  It wasn’t a ton but it was to us.  We called the Dr and he told me to go into labor and delivery to get checked out.  We were kind of expecting that. 

Once there, they did a few tests, the nurse called the Dr. and he said I should stay the night for a 24 hour watch.  We were not expecting that.  We didn’t get to the hopital til about 12:30am to start with.  They needed to do some monitoring and blood tests and ultra sound so we decided at 2am that Joe would go get the boys at my mom’s and head back home. 

The good news was that the bleeding wasn’t bad and it had stopped.  Apparently 2 cups or so is bad and it was no where near that.  I think I would have had a heart attack if I had that much.  The bad news is that it means I will most likely have to have a c-section.  I am not sure what my thoughts are on that… childbirth is scary natural or surgery.  Being at the hospital overnight pretty much sucked.  Monitors buzzing, IV bag changes, IV in my wrist KILLING me the entire time!  I did not get much sleep.

It was also really weird hearing new babies crying and other heart rate monitors going.  I mean, people were there having babies!  It is not a place you want to be when you do not want your baby born yet.  And being in a room with all the birthing stuff just made it all scary.  I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Luckily I am just to take it easy and I am not on bed rest or anything. 

So here’s to hoping for an uneventful 13 weeks.  And I just realized I am under 100 days.  It’s 92 to be exact!

shannon c - Wednesday | March 22nd | 2006

Im so sorry you have to even worry about this. Only 13 more weeks. Oh boy-ok less than a hundred days sounds better. Hope you are well.

kim - Wednesday | March 22nd | 2006

good grief, girl! hang in there and let those boys pamper you to the end. :)

MarilynH - Friday | March 24th | 2006

Yikes!! I am happy to hear things are well and you don’t have to be on bed rest. I didn’t have to do that, either, but I am pretty sure it would have put me over the edge! I had an unexpected C section with Amelia (my youngest). I found out about it on the day it happened. I was so scared I was shaking. But once I was all numbed up it was okay! The part that really sucks about a C section is what it does to the way your stomach looks.

Jen - Monday | March 27th | 2006

I am so sorry that happened to you! Take it easy!

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baby face

Baby_24_jpeg I had another ultrasound on Monday to check on the previa and to get the final check offs that everything was normal.  So every thing looked normal, relief… except the previa.  Still a wait and see.  But look how cute this little profile shot is!!!  And a little arm sticking up.  Love it.  I still can’t fathom the idea that we will actually have a baby here this summer… I still can barely believe I am pregnant. 

Fiftteen weeks to go, and I think I am almost under 100 days.  I remember in the beginning looking at those tickers and mine saying 223 days to go!  And thinking, "dang, that is a LOT of days".  And now I am almost  under a hundred.  Wowsers!

And on the name front, Joe and I are having a very hard time with agreeing on name.  So we kind of have one we both agree on but the boys HATE it.  When I say hate I mean hate.  They say they refuse to call him that.  What are we gonna do?  It is very hard to pick a name with another person but then add in two opinionated boys… that spells trouble! 

Anne - Thursday | March 9th | 2006

Omgoodness — YOU ARE having a baby!! The days will go by so quickly when the baby gets here too. I cant believe how fast the time has gone by. It seems the more you want to hold on to it, the faster it slips by.
I am dying to know what name you picked — you have to tell us if the name you wind up picking is the one they didnt like.

Kristina - Thursday | March 9th | 2006

What a perfect looking little profile! That is the first I have seen that doesn’t look like an alien baby.

shannon c - Friday | March 10th | 2006

Oh! How exciting! The baby is already photogenic. :)

melissa - Friday | March 10th | 2006


i LIKE the name… and my personal motto is “what do kids know anyway” so I say go with it. It’ll grow on them. And if it doesn’t, they’ll just come up with a nickname. (and so will you)


jamie - Tuesday | March 21st | 2006

how wonderful for you guys!!! congratulations!!!

MarilynH - Friday | March 24th | 2006

Dontcha just love the profile pic? How cute!!

Jen - Monday | March 27th | 2006

You can already tell how cute he is! Yeah!

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crazy hair day

Sm_tuck_dally Today was crazy hair day.  The school didn’t do it last year but did the year before and the kids LOVED it.  Tucker went with a few friends last night and picked out hair color and they all had a plan to put pony tails all over their head and spray them different colors.  Dallon couldn’t decide what he wanted to do but once he saw Tucker’s hair done, he was sold.Sm_tuck

While we were getting ready I think the boys checked the date on the calendar a million times to make sure it was indeed crazy hair day.  They also kept checking kids arriving to school making sure some had crazy hair.  They were so worried they would be the only ones.  Once we got to school, they met up with their friends and had a great time before school started.

Sm_dally Colleen seemed to be the one heading it up this year and when I got to school to take pictures, they had a few parents there with hair color and pipe cleaners making kids hair as crazy as they could.  The kids all wanted their photos taken.  No one was shy.  I think they should do this every year.  It’s a great break from the norm.Sm_dally_gavin

In pregnancy news, went to the doctor and discussed my partial placenta previa and learned that I still have a good chance of delivering without having to have a C-section but I will probably hemorrage a lot either way which scares me.  He said we will know more in the final few weeks.  But so excited to be 24 weeks today!!! 

Kirsten - Monday | March 6th | 2006

That is such a clever idea! I’m going to remember that one. Great pictures :)

AmyG - Tuesday | March 7th | 2006

these pictures are too funny – i bet they did indeed have the craziest hair!

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