Remember last spring when I had all that energy and I was changing things and setting a nice dinner table and cutting the boys back on video/tv… etc.?  Well, I really felt like I had things together and headed in a good direction.  And then the summer came and I had great intentions but that all went out the door.  One reason was we traveled so much.  It is hard to keep things orderly and in somewhat of a schedule when you pack up and go every other week.  And then a big work project came up that I wasn’t expecting and it pretty much overtook all my mental energy through November.  And then there’s the whole pregnancy thing…

To make a long story short, I feel very unbalanced.  I hate feeling like that.  I like the new year because it gives one a chance to really feel anew.  And it happens to be coming at the perfect time right now because I really feel like I am off track big time.

I got my new Creating Keepsakes magazine and really felt like I wanted to scrapbook again.  I don’t actually know what that means because I haven’t scrapped for myself since the year 2000.  I don’t even know if I can do something that I don’t intend to get published or need to use in EK’s booth or whatever.  But I really feel like I just want to play with my stuff.  I also want to weed out my stuff.  I do that all the time but now that I am not on a magazine team or anything like that, I really want to just keep the stuff I love.  And then I actually want to make stuff.  Maybe a journal type book that goes along with my blog or something.

Three years ago I decided to start running and was pretty good at five days a week/2 miles a day.  But at the beginning of this pregnancy all energy was drained right out of me.  I actually tried to revive it by walking my run… I made it 1/4 mile and had to return.  And not only that but as soon as I got home I took a 2 1/2 hour nap.  It totally knocked me out.  So I have been kind of afraid to get back into excersizing.  But starting Monday, I am going to do my yoga tape and use the bike and even try getting out to walk our dog a few times a week.  I hate not doing something active.  It is depressing. 

I also want to start eating better.  We have eaten so much take out in the last three months.  I try to do take out from restaurants but still… I just need to get a little organized and put some energy into the whole meal thing.  I know what I want to do and it is just a matter of doing it and kind of rountin-izing it.

Christmas_card_jpegAnd last, although I am sure there is more but last is organize my house.  I do a big clean out every few years… like very drawer and cabinet type of thing.  But things are a little out of control right now.  I just hate drawers stuffed with whatever.  And that is the state of many drawers right now.  It is just annoying to me.  So basically, my whole house annoys me.  I reallly am going to concentrate on simplifying things.  There is a lot I want to accomplish before the baby arrives so that gives me a little over six months.  I really hope I can do it.

That about sums up my resolutions.  And hopefully I will be better at keeping up at this blog.  I really do like it… it keeps me thinking about my day, what we do…. kind of keeps me on track.  I feel more responsible for our daily actions.  I don’t even write our daily actions down but for some reason I just feel more aware of what goes on.  Maybe it is thinking about what is newsworthy. 

I hope you all have a great 2006!  I am really looking forward to each and every day of this new year:)

PS… I don’t know what happened to me sending out our christmas cards but I only sent them to one of my address files.  Missed my whole family.  So here is our card in all its glory.  It is quite cute printed up:)

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sometimes I just suck…

I had a few things to do last Friday and all day I kept thinking there was something else… something I was forgetting.  But I just couldn’t think of it.  So I get home a little after 3:00, rest a little before boys get home, and then walk over and pick them up.  I see Tucker first and he says, "Mom, I got my award!" 

That was IT!  His award at the awards dealio.  Such a loser.  I told him I was SOOO sorry and how bad I felt.  He thought I just wasn’t feeling well and he said he actually forgot too and then he felt bad I felt so bad and kept saying it wasn’t a big deal.  But I am sure he was a tiny disappointed when after the few kids in each class get their awards and the classes go back to their classrooms and the award recipients stay outside with their parents and eat cookies and drink punch.  And he had to do that with no parent there. 

Dang I feel even worse now that I am typing this!  Well anyway, I have been a huge slacker as far as a parent goes the last two months.  Luckily Joe is a part of this parenting thing and has really taken over where I am missing.  Tucker said he really didn’t care… that it really wasn’t a big deal.  But I still feel lame.

On other news… I just wanted to thank everyone for their posts and personal emails congratulating us on the pregnancy.  It really means a lot and I am so thankful for the support.  I will keep you all posted as things progress.

Shannon Costelow - Monday | December 12th | 2005

Don’t be so hard on yourself…those pregnancy hormones can do a number on you. Congratulations, by the way. That is very exciting news.

Pamela - Thursday | December 15th | 2005

I just call that “mommy brain”. It seems I cannot remember ANYTHING these days. You at least have the excuse of pregnancy!! Still not sure if I have ADD or am just a normal mom :) Tell Tucker “congratulations!”

Anne - Sunday | December 18th | 2005

I hate to tell you that with baby number three comes complete brain meltdown — I feel so stupid somedays and I have been totally forgetting so many things for all of the kids. I HAVE to write things down and sometimes even if I do – I forget to look at my book. I have even looked at my book, made a mental note that Daniel had something after school but didnt realize that that day was THE day! He came home and said “you didnt write me a note for kids club” and I said — that is tomorrow and he said – NO IT WAS TODAY.

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spilling the beans

Where have I been?  Well if you don’t know what that ‘ticker’ above means, I am pregnant.   So I reallly have been no where but bed or wishing I was in bed:P  I am finally feeling better-ish and I am past that magical 12 week marker so the news is out! 

Joe is beyond stoked and the boys are pretty excited, Dallon especially.  Both of them really want the baby to be a girl as I think everyone I know including myself does.  But having two children and knowing how different they are just means that I will have a third child that is totally different than the two of them and boy or girl, I think it will be really fun (overall;).

I have so many things that I have wanted to post about but the ‘no enegy’ since October kind of prevented that.  I think I last left off with my front yard…it is done and it is about as cute as it could be.  I will post pictures soon.

My sister Tiffany just called me today and told me she is engaged to her boyfriend, Thomas.  I would have been shocked if they didn’t end up getting married. I think Thomas is perfect for her and am so happy for the two of them.  She said they might get married this summer… I hope so:) 

So big news for 2006!  It would be hard for 2006 not to turn out better than 2005… that was a rough year for my family.  Looking forward to SUMMER:)

Phil morgan - Friday | December 9th | 2005

I’m so stoked that we will have a new Beachem. Glad the news is out

Tracy - Saturday | December 10th | 2005

that is wonderful news!!!!

Anne - Sunday | December 11th | 2005

OMgosh!! Congrats! That is such awesome news. You know I was right where you are only last year and let me tell you this third baby was such a gift. I am so different now — she brings such a different dynamic to our family. the girl part is awesome too but bringing a new baby into your family — a boy or girl is so wonderful.
Here I was thinking you were hatching up some new scrapping supply or idea but it is more awesome than that — a new scrapping subject.
I am so happy for you Alison!!

Shelley Rankin - Monday | December 12th | 2005

wooohooo! I am so happy for you Alison! That is wonderful. I can only imagine how happy you and your family are at this moment. What a wonderful blessing during such a joy filled time of year. Merry Christmas! Here’s to 2006 being a wonderful year for the Beachem’s!


kim - Monday | December 12th | 2005

ohmygosh!!! how exciting for you guys! this is big news – congratulations!

MarilynH - Wednesday | December 14th | 2005

Yeah Alison!!!!!!!!! congrats and all that good stuff to you and your family. Pregnancy totally sucks, though, but I am happy to hear you are feeling better!

Shannon - Sunday | December 18th | 2005

Congratulations Alison!!!!

Gretchen - Wednesday | December 21st | 2005

Alison, that is wonderful news. Congratulations! Take care of yourself and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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so cool for Tucker

We had a crazy week last week.  Both boys had reports do on certain Native American tribes and I was in Florida for EK’s big event and Joe’s brother Dave got married in Salt Lake.  So Joe and the boys were in Salt Lake from Thurs through Sunday.  And to top it all off, Tucker decided to run for ASB treasurer (fifth graders get to run for treasurer and he won last year for fourth grade "safety and spirit) and the speeches and voting were on Friday.  So Tucker wasn’t there.

The vice principal let him record his voice on a tape and they played the tape on the microphone.  And election day is the day the kids hand out all their ‘vote for me’ buttons and pencils or whatever.  So we made a bunch of sheets of mailing label stickers that said vote for Tucker.  He gave them out to friends to pass out on Friday.  All of us had very little hope that he would win.  Plus all of his friends were saying, "you won last year, someone else should get to this year so we aren’t voting for you." 

Well, they announced the winners today and Tucker won.  So proud of him and excited for him.  He was totally shocked and he said when he got home he felt bad for the kids that he was running against and especially the few that ran against him last year as well.  Dallon was pretty proud too.  From a mom who was so not popular, ever… it is pretty cool that Tucker seems to be well liked.  I would have never even attempted to run for any type of office even though I would have liked to.

And so maybe this is the end of my ‘shun the blog’ period.  More news to come soon and explanations as to where I have been or not been as the case is:P

Anne - Wednesday | December 7th | 2005

Congrats! I was uncool too — or trying to hard to be cool by being bad so I never ran for anything either — I admire his courage.
I cant wait to see what you have been up to.

Kirsten - Wednesday | December 7th | 2005

Good for him…perhaps the beginning of a successful political career!?!? 😉 Hmmmmm….working on a book perhaps? I’ll be checking for your show and tell!

Shelley Rankin - Thursday | December 8th | 2005

way to go Tucker! that is so cool. Good for him. How great that he is confident and popular. Makes life easier for sure.

How are you! Hoping your well! And yes. Fess up. Where the heck have you been lady? Getting ready for Xmas?

Debi B. - Friday | December 9th | 2005

Congrats to Tucker! Way to go!

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