anything can distract me

Including this totally fun time waster:)  But i think I will call it an inspiration starter.  I have doodled on every picture at least twice.  I wish there was a way to save them though.  Choose one of the images on the right side of the pad of paper.  Then doodle over it.  Check out the gallery to see other people’s ideas. Some are very clever… enjoy!

Kristina - Wednesday | October 12th | 2005

Alison check out this guy’s blown glass – he is pretty legendary and lives in Tacoma, Washington. He of course is a local celebrity and a few of the bars we used to hang out in are just loaded with all of his glass, and if you were super cool you knew him, but I only knew people who knew him! So that makes me only cool I guess;) There is an office building in La Jolla that displays his work. If I ever got into collecting art I would definitley get one of his pieces. I found him on your Veer doodle website. The doodling didn’t work out so great for me, because of my mouse maybe?

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so cute

I was expecting to show "last few weeks of pregnany pictures" of Teanna right about now but she went ahead of schedule and had her baby… in the ambulance!  She and her husband were on a weekend getaway in the mountains nearby and mid vacation, she went into labor.  The nearest hospital wasn’t near enough. And to top it off, Teanna was the only one in the ambulance familiar with giving birth!  Mom, Dad, sister and baby are doing great.

This little guy is so cute.  So sweet.  He is only five days old and I got to take pictures of him.  I have only attempted newborn pics once before and that was a year ago when my friend Pam had her baby conveniently a few days before I was to arrive in Chicago:)  So everything was running smoothly until my battery died… the one I had just charged.  I am pretty sure that was the end of the battery’s life.  I told Teanna and Josh that I was very thankful it was them and not one of my upcoming shoots of people I don’t know:P 

So we will attempt some more pictures next week but I was so happy with the few I did get.  And just recently I figured out ‘actions’ in photoshop.  I shouldn’t say "figured out"…it’s more on the lines of scratching the surface but oh what a difference it makes.  LOVE them.  I thought these pictures looked really cute in a sepia tone.  So here is a collage of my favorites.

I put up a photo album of a few more baby pics and more pregnancy pics HERE


Trina Jaynes - Saturday | October 8th | 2005

Beautiful photos, Alison!!! What a sweet little guy…must’ve made a great subject!

So what is that “actions” stuff all about? How do you use it and what difference does it make in your photos? I’m still pretty illiterate when it comes to all that Photoshop can do. Which version do you use? I am currently working with CS2, but don’t really do much more than scratch the surface of it’s power.

Melissa C - Tuesday | October 11th | 2005

Sweet baby and great photos Alison.

Shelley R. - Thursday | October 13th | 2005

Alison these are just great. What a sweet baby and you did a great job capturing him. Love the one of his hands up over his face as if to say “get away lady”! Ha!

Hope your well. And get out and get your front yard done will ya! ;)

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toothfairy forgot… again

I really have no business being a toothfairy.  I think this is the third time I have forgotten.  Between the two boys, they have only lost 8 teeth… not a good record.  Dallon had to have his pulled yesterday because it would not come out and it was looking a little scary.  He asked me on the way there if I was the toothfairy and I told him it was something he had to figure out.  He doesn’t ‘really’ believe anymore but he wants to.

So Joe woke me up and asked if I remembered… No.  Dallon was already up and Joe couldn’t find his envelope so he obviously had checked.  Joe goes out to the boys and Dallon relays the story that he mysteriously ended up in Tucker’s room sometime in the night. 

Being quick like I am, I ripped a piece of cardstock that was in my bed stand and wrote a miniature note that said the tooth was too small to use for the toothfairy’s house and that she wanted him to keep it.  Joe put the note and money under Tucker’s pillow.  We went out to talk to the boys to see what the story was and the toothfairy had left a quarter under Dallon’s pillow (that would be Tucker the toothfairy… how cute is that).  And he couldn’t figure out how he got in Tucker’s room.

So being quick like I told you I was, I asked if it was possible that the toothfairy put him in there and sure enough, it was possible in Dallon’s mind:)  Joe and I asked if he had looked under Tucker’s pillow since he was sleeping in that room.  So of Dallon runs to go check … a note and some money IS tucked under the pillow. 

I really didn’t want Dallon’s revelation of me being the toothfairy to be through disappointment with realizing not only is the toothfairy not real but my mom sucks at being the toothfairy and forgets all the time.  It would be best if he just realizes that it is impossible for a little fairy to fly all over the world and collect every child’s discarded teeth and then build a castly with them.

I have made great recoveries in the past… vaccum cleaner claimed one tooth and the toothfairy had to go digging in the vaccum bag to retrieve the tooth and it took a few days:P  We actually don’t know what happened to that tooth but what a great story, huh?  And another time I oddly (very oddly) woke up before the boys and remembered and did the quick exchange under the pillow.

Dallon has a very black or white kind of view on things.  About a year and a half ago the boys were begging me to tell them the truth about Santa.  BEGGING.  After about 20 minutes of me telling them that they had to figure it out, I caved and said Yes, I bought all the Pokemon cards.  Tucker immediately replied with "see dallon, I told you mom was santa" and Dallon’s response, "Hmmm… I think mom is lying."

What are ya gonna do:P

allison - Thursday | October 6th | 2005

Although I do deserve it, I am shocked that there is no “My Stylist” on your list of interests anymore. Am I not “interesting” or do I just suck at my blog? Well check it out sometime I may just suprise you. Also does this mean someone else has redone your hair not per our conversation about you visiting in November? Wow, I am a little hurt and definately sensitive today. Still Love Ya Though, AL

debi - Thursday | October 6th | 2005

Yup, whaddya gonna do?1?! :) Lucky me, I’m still in business at our house… almost-12-year-old and all! Even w/a 15-year-old brother, she still believes… it’s nice. But, she just lost her last tooth two weeks ago. So, the tooth fairy is no more… good for me ‘cuz the wallet won’t have to part with anymore “tooth money”, but so sad… no more babies or little kids in our house. But, soon Santa will be here soon and we’re still clinging to that one! Even tho she’s questioned it (and big brother has kept his mouth shut!)… but, her response last year was that Santa couldn’t be me ‘cuz I would NEVER spend so much money on a present for her! LOL Yup, whaddya gonna do?!?!

Christina - Friday | October 7th | 2005

Ok- that is too funny. My oldest lost a tooth yesterday and put the tooth under his pillow, etc. Well, we put him to bed and I also went to bed, trying very hard to stay awake. Well, I fell asleep and my husband wakes me in the morning and asks if I remembered to put the money under the pillow – NO – I FORGOT!!!!!!!! Well, he did it for me before he went to bed. Guess how much he got? – $20.00.
Are you kidding me??? He says that is all he had in his wallet – yikes…..
I am sure everyone has forgotten at least once. This is around my third :)

Melissa C - Tuesday | October 11th | 2005

LOL…such a funny story. I can’t tell you how many times the tooth fairy forgot to show at my house over the years ;)

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My yard is taking up all my concentration.  I really need to work on this project but I am over the excitement of it and now it is just the giant, mundane project that I can’t seem to get any drive to complete.  I am dragging…dragging… dragging through it.  And the scary part?  I have so much more to do.  I can’t even imagine being done with it.  That is what is so scary about it.  At least I know what has to be done.  For awhile there, I didn’t even know that. 

This weekend, my neighbor girlfriends and I are going to stay at my dad’s at the beach (because he is out of town) and have a girl’s weekend.  It is totally planned with no real plan.  Should be fun.  Everyone is looking forward to it.  It’ll be interesting.  We have all done family trips together but I think this will be the first ‘just the girls’ trip.  Hmmm… I didn’t even realize that until now.  Anyway, the plan is movie, dinner, shopping, spa, more eating out, maybe trying surfing… again, hanging out and talking… 

In boy news, Dallon had a major meltdown over his hair yesterday morning.  It just didn’t look right and when I asked what it should look like so I could fix it, he said "I don’t know… I can’t remember."  And he is in tears.  The bell is about to ring.  Just a few weeks ago I saw an Oprah with people who were deathly afraid of what everyone was thinking about them and they couldn’t go out in public.  So I was quite worried that Dallon was surely going to turn into that if I didn’t try to nip this in the bud.

I told him that most people are really just worried about themselves just like he is about his hair and they won’t even know there is a difference from the day before to that day’s hair.  And then he was upset about his face being all red from crying. I  would get him calmed down and then he would start thinking about I don’t know what…and then cry and say his stomach hurt… he was a mess.  It took a half hour to get into school.  He finally made it in and he said his day was just fine.  I think this happens about every six months (let’s hope so anyway). 

All I could think about was that Oprah show and the people (college age) on it were very good looking people.  And the parents were in the audience just devastated.  I told Dallon that he was definitely going to school and there was no getting around that.  I am sure he is fine… but I was getting worried during this morning ordeal. 

Note to self… don’t watch Oprah or any other show that has exteme cases of phobias (I don’t even watch Oprah:P)

allison - Saturday | October 1st | 2005

So jealous I can barely stand it! It probably wouldn’t have been good for me to crash your friend thing though. LOL Miss you, I can’t stand to think about what is going to happen to your hair when someone else does it next! EEEKKKKK! Love, Al

debi - Monday | October 3rd | 2005

Oh, a girls weekend… it’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long since I had one of those fun times! Enjoy yours! You were right to tell Dallon that everyone was worried about themselve and not him… somewhere I read an article about that and they (the mag) had done a survey after sending someone into a party scene (50 people or so) with something funky about their clothing, like a skirt caught up or something in their teeth, etc. (can’t remember exactly!)… anyways, they interviewed all the people as they left, asking them if they noticed the “funky thing”… some ungodly LOW percentage had actually noticed! It was amazing! And, made me think… how about that Dr. Seuss quote (I’m paraphrasing here, I’m sure!)… the people that matter, don’t care and the people that don’t care, matter. Or something like that! :) Hope all’s well w/Dallon now!

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