Elf on the Shelf, mini pancakes

I actually forgot the elf last night and blamed it on the fact that his brother and I were up late and the elf probably didn’t get to move… Slater was bummed.  I can’t forgot tonight!

From the other night, our elf made mini pancakes.  This is another idea I’ve seen online and thought it was so cute. Slater loves pancakes and he really wanted to eat these pancakes.  We reheated them but I guess they weren’t so good.

elf ideas for kids
elf on a shelf ideas
elf making pancakes

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Elf on a Shelf, Advent Calendar

So it was day 15 of Dec and our new advent calendar was still bare.  Slater asked every day when we might get candy in the little sacks.  So the dilemma was do we start at day 16 and have nine days of candy or fill it all and Slater gets the first sixteen days?  The elf solved that and filled it all… and Slater was delighted… totally hyped up the rest of the day.  The elf is in charge of the advent calendar from here on out.  It was a hit.  Especially because he brought the large chocolate gold coins

elf on a shelf advent job

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the Mulloy family, Del Mar family photography

It’s so fun to photograph this family.  I have seen this family yearly since before the triplets were one (here, here, here and here).  With the chaos of three babies all the same age, a beach shoot was never a real possibility but a dream to one day happen… And this is the year it happened.  The beach shoot was planned and we got some pretty epic conditions.  Low tide, amazing hazy sunset, warm weather… it couldn’t have been better.

kids at the beach
del mar evening beach
mom and daughter
triplets at the beach
families at the beach
family playing at the beach
running down the sand
kids portraits at the beach
family photos at the beach
photos with dad and triplets
del mar family photos
mom with kids on the beach
mini sessions for holiday portraits
kids portraits
christmas card photos
family photos

family beach photos

family portraits



del mar family photos

del mar sunset


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