the Alvarez family, Pacific Beach Family Photography

I photographed this family when their little girl was just a few months old on a rainy November morning.  Now they have added the smiliest little boy to their family and I had the pleasure of photographing them again.  I love the navy and aqua theme too.  This is another mini session and we did pretty dang good with the short time frame coupled with babies and toddlers (ok, one baby and one toddler:P). 

Crystal pier family photos
mini photo sessions in san diego

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Recycled book art for first graders

art for kids
This project was really fun and the kids loved it.  It’s a two day project to allow for dry time.

Step 1:  Use bright blue tempera or acrylic paint and water it down a bit.  Have each student paint a sheet of paper.  I used 9×12.

Step 2:  Find an old book and cut out the pages.  I figured I needed about 5 sheets per student so we had about 100 pages from a book

Step 3:  Use a rainbow assortment of colors (acrylic or tempera paint watered down a bit) and have the kids paint the book pages solid colors.  I had one color per table.  Lay these all out to dry

Step 4:  Second day, lay out a range of the colored book pages on each table and give the kids their blue papers.  We started by identifying shapes in the example I made.  Everyone started by cutting out a half oval for the hill for their house.  Next we did the rectangle for the house and the triangle for the roof.  We did those three steps together and glued them down.  Then I set them free to add whatever details with the book pages they wanted.

Step 5:  We used sharpies and outlined all of our shapes.

Keep in mind… 6 year olds love black pens and they like to go a little crazy sometimes.

This project originated from here

recycled book art
first grader art

General Supplies:

9×12 white paper
Old book sized around a 5×7
Acrylic or Tempera paint
glue sticks
black pens
paint brushes (wide)

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Grain Free Graham Crackers

My new “no starch” diet is making me experiment with recipes.  I’ve had a few failures to be honest.  I really crave crunchy things.  And if you really think about what no grains cut out, it’s all things crunchy.  Kind of sucks.  A few weeks ago, I tried a graham cracker recipe with coconut flour.  It seemed promising but in the end, not so good.  So I did a search for a recipe that had an almond flour base and made them last night.  And guess what… they are fab!  So exciting to find a crunchy cracker that I can overdose one:)

The recipe is not mine… although I don’t do well with sugar alcohols and so I used regular sugar (gasp!)  The photo on the left is my dough rolled out.  Her photos make them look much better than mine but you get the idea.

Grain Free Graham Crackers

starch free diet

Cathy Pugh - Friday | October 25th | 2013

Thanks! It’s always great to get new starch free recipes. I know what you mean about craving things that are crunchy!

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