Grain Free Graham Crackers

My new “no starch” diet is making me experiment with recipes.  I’ve had a few failures to be honest.  I really crave crunchy things.  And if you really think about what no grains cut out, it’s all things crunchy.  Kind of sucks.  A few weeks ago, I tried a graham cracker recipe with coconut flour.  It seemed promising but in the end, not so good.  So I did a search for a recipe that had an almond flour base and made them last night.  And guess what… they are fab!  So exciting to find a crunchy cracker that I can overdose one:)

The recipe is not mine… although I don’t do well with sugar alcohols and so I used regular sugar (gasp!)  The photo on the left is my dough rolled out.  Her photos make them look much better than mine but you get the idea.

Grain Free Graham Crackers

starch free diet

Cathy Pugh - Friday | October 25th | 2013

Thanks! It’s always great to get new starch free recipes. I know what you mean about craving things that are crunchy!

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Gracie, Mission Beach

This is one of the sessions from the teen mini shoots I do each year.  This particular day was sooo windy.  Luckily the wind worked with us and made for a great photo session and stunning photos at the beach.  Gracie is just about the graduate from 8th grade in these pictures.  Everyone does senior photos but 8th grade is such a significant milestone as well.  And how great would it be to see your 8th grade photos like this with your senior photos.  Four years is a long time in teen years.

We shot these at the Catamaran hotel, in the alley behind it and down at the beach.  My very talented friend, Natalie Bohlin was the hair and make up artist for the day.

high school senior photography
beach senior photos

Kristina - Sunday | March 24th | 2013

Great shots and makeup! Does your MUA travel to OC?!

admin - Wednesday | March 27th | 2013

It’s a good possibility

cblackstone - Wednesday | April 3rd | 2013

Awesome session Alison. You always inspire me. Sheesh.

Jane - Thursday | October 3rd | 2013

Hi Alison,
My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Mission Beach to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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PicTapGo… you need it, trust me

This is hands down the best camera phone app out there to date.  If you use your phone to capture your life, it’s a must have.  The makers of this app make an awesome product for photoshop that I love called RadLabs.  This is basically that program for your phone.

This is how it works:  Take a photo or use a photo from your camera roll, choose a filter, add another filter, maybe add another filter and each time, choose the strength.  Next, if you like your recipe, save it so you can use it on another photo (your own custom filter).  Then export it to where you want it including full frame with a white background to Instagram (or in a square to Instagram).

It is rare I take my big camera anywhere personal.  First, my big kids won’t stand for pictures at all and certainly not from something obvious.  I have to sneak them:)  So my life is on my phone.  I love my phone pics and I love even more that I can create a pretty darn amazing black and white image now along with a zillion combos for filters to change the look with PicTapGo.  Below are a few recent iphone 5 images.  The left is straight out of phone and the right is altered with a custom filter by PicTapGo.

Don’t hesitate to get this app… life changer

best phone photo editing app
photographing my life with my phone
family photos san diego

Debby Schuh - Monday | March 18th | 2013

I just discovered PicTapGo. Do you any filters or combinations that are your favorites?

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the Tripiano family, Balboa Park

This was a fun family to photograph and I could have photographed them all day.  This session is a great example of the 20 minute Simple session and what comes from it.  It’s a classic session that we basically shoot standard poses with a little relationship and fun captured as well.   My style is still very present in the images even though it’s quick and to the point.  The Simple session is perfect for updating family images, budget friendly, and if you are tight on time.  Up to six people can be photographed and the choices for locations are Balboa Park or Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.

mini session in san diego photographer
family photos in balboa park
fun and relaxed family photos

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